DOLPH: The Directors

In 2014 I co-founded the visual arts project DOLPH. DOLPH asked artists to contextualise their practice by way of a brief (below). In 2015, I got the opportunity to answer that brief in our project space in Streatham, London.

The Brief:
The artist’s objective is to frame an exhibition that contextualises the interests and concerns driving their practice.

Their task is to tell the story of what makes them tick. To share their inspirations and influences, and present them in an intriguing, cohesive exhibition. How the artist does this is up to them. They set their own terms. They are their own curators.

Their aim is to create an exhibition that is both revealing and challenging. To conceive a show that offers a rare insight into their creative process and affords the opportunity for greater understanding of their practice.

Boring Postcards Made Better, 2013–
Rubbish Story, 2013–
How It All Started #3, wooden hoarding
Capital, cast and found concrete, 2015
Combined Painting After Rauschenberg, old painting, found cardboard and gaffer tape, 2015