Tash Kahn’s practice is multi-faceted. She works with a variety of different mediums that all bleed into each other through a process of recycling and remaking. Each piece spawns countless others, negating the art object as a whole. Using sculpture, Polaroids, installation, film and collage, she documents the history of everyday life by recording the debris of the present. She is interested in how people engage with art, the conversations it generates and how it makes them feel.

Kahn has exhibited both nationally and internationally, with a recent project in Mumbai that saw her work with architects and writers to investigate the domestic space. In 2014, she co-founded the visual-arts project DOLPH, and has helped facilitate 22 exhibitions, making partnerships with two Lambeth primary schools, UAL Wimbledon, The Royal College of Art, as well as numerous artists in the UK, New York and Berlin. DOLPH provided an alternative way for the community to engage with contemporary art, as well as being an invaluable learning and networking resource for artists. She is also a freelance editor for Penguin/Random House and Sluice Magazine.

Group Exhibitions
2022  Zero Gravity – A Landing, The Occasionnale, East Sussex
2020  Picture Palace, Transition Gallery, London
2019  Talking Heads, Stone Space, London
2019  Sluice refresh, M100, Odense, Denmark
2019  Backyard Sculpture, Domobaal, London
2019  Modern Finance, Thames-Side Studios Gallery, London
2019  Member’s Show, SqW:Lab, Mumbai, India
2018  Eating Bread and Honey, SqW:Lab, Mumbai, India
2018  Citizen, Swiss Cottage Gallery, London
2018  The Mechanical Reproduction of Dust, Stand4 Gallery, NYC
2016  Lion Eating Poet In The Stone Den, 18 Malden Road, London
2016  Asymmetrical Intersections, SHIM, NYC
2015  Bread and Jam III: The Shapes We’re In, 54 Whitbread Road, London
2015  DOLPH: The Directors, DOLPH, London
2015  Skim, ASC Gallery, London
2014  Circus TM, Belmacz, London
2014  ART/converters!, Studio 1:1, London
2013  Discernable, Zeitgeist Art Projects, London
2012  Tweetart, Westgate Studios, Wakefield
2009  Process, Image, Portrait, Old Court House, London
2008  100 Pieces of Havana, The Truman Brewery, London
2008  Start Your Collection, Contemporary Art Projects, London

2020– Curator of In Visible Ink, Museum of Freedom and Tolerance, Perth, Australia
2018–19 Core member of SqW:Lab, Mumbai, India
2014–18 Director of DOLPH, London

Visiting Artist Lectures 
2019  London College of Communication, UAL, London
2018  James Madison University, Virginia, US
2018  Stand4 Gallery, artist panel discussion, NYC
2015  DOLPH artist talk, London

Critical Writing
2018  Love Camden, Sentido Legacy: Tash Kahn reflects on her trip to Rio
2018  Love Camden, Kala Legacy: Tash Kahn reflects on her trip to Mumbai
2018  Exchanges of Place and Space
2015  Trademark as Branding, Garageland #19 Self

2020  studioELL studio visit: Tash Kahn interviews Elly Clarke
2019  a-n Magazine, Artists + Instagram: Tash Kahn, documenting the art of trash
2018  Love Camden, Camden Close-Up: Tash Kahn Interview
2016  Love Camden: Tash Kahn explores Camden with her camera
2016  Notes on Assemblage, Tash Kahn and John Ros, Sluice Magazine
2016  Masters of Many: Tash Kahn Interview
2016  Sluice_encounters / DOLPH
2015  Bread and Jam III: The Shapes We’re In, Interview with Natasha Kahn
2015  DOLPH at Artlicks Weekend, Pippa Koszerek reviews The Directors
2015  DOLPH: Natasha Kahn and Paul Cole, CCQ Magazine review
2015  Desert Island Discs, RadioAnti Interview with Natasha Kahn and Paul Cole

2022  Two-week residency at Joya: AiR, Spain
2020  Two-week residency at Hogchester Arts, Dorset
1995  One-month residency at Kew Gardens/Gunnersbury Park, London
1994  One-month residency at the Horniman Museum, London